Along with working on multiple book manuscripts for a variety of target audiences, I occasionally publish shorts stories and stage original plays.


My time travel romance short story was published in Bourbon Penn issue #11. You can read it here. The story starts, “Moments ago, my left leg rushed across the beaches of Normandy while my right ear took in the final performance of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. All the while my heart, not the blood-pumping organ but the abstract idea, pined for her.”






My short story Pancakes was published in Bastion Science Fiction Magazine issue #6. It was inspired by my one act play of the same title performed at The Players’ Ring Theatre. The play was one of three of my plays produced during multiple evenings of genre theatre, collecting a diverse roster of writers, actors, directors, musicians, and more to bring stories to life for charity.



“Retro-Casuality or the Allergy of Genghis Khan” is my super hero tale proposing an explanation for the mysterious death of Genghis Khan. The story was published in issue #4 of Inaccurate Realities, a literary magazine for young adults and the young at heart. It is also the first chapter of my YA manuscript Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow.




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