Who I Am

I am passionate about ART, MEDIA, and STORYTELLING. I create community through creative collaboration.

I am an artist, writer, actor, and teacher with a strong interest in collaborative work. This site serves as a record of my creative endeavors as well as a resume for those inquiring about potential collaboration.


In addition to my creative pursuits, I work with individuals, organizations, and businesses in a variety of consultancy and contract work. I also serve on a variety of arts and community development nonprofit boards and committees. I also give talks and love to share my lessons and ideas with the public.


Currently I serve on the Newmarket Community Development Corporation Executive Board. I founded and run the Great Northeast Improv Festival. I oversee the Young Filmmakers Workshop for the NH Film Festival.



I also founded and run NH Media Makers, a creative community collective that has gathered monthly for over a decade. In the past I have served on the board of directors of Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance (which oversees the Millspace: Center of Art, History, and Culture), New Hampshire Writers’ Project Executive Board, the Center for the Book Advisory, and the NH Poetry Out Loud Advisory.


I have a wonderful family that inspires me to do my best and work to make our community a nice place to live, work, and create.



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