Who I Am

I am passionate about ART, MEDIA, and STORYTELLING. I create community through creative collaboration. I make things happen.

This site serves as an abbreviated record of my creative endeavors. This recent profile in New Hampshire Magazine also summed me up nicely.


In addition to my creative pursuits, I work with individuals, organizations, and businesses in a variety of consultancy and contract work. I also serve on a variety of arts and community development nonprofit boards and committees. I also give talks and love to share my lessons and ideas with the public.


Currently I serve on the Newmarket Community Development Corporation Executive Board and the New Market Historical Society. I oversee the Young Filmmakers Workshop for the NH Film Festival. I also oversee the Wentworth Cheswill Appreciation Society.


I also founded and run NH Media Makers, a creative community collective that has gathered monthly for over a decade. In the past I have served on the board of directors of Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance (which oversees the Millspace: Center of Art, History, and Culture), New Hampshire Writers’ Project Executive Board, the Center for the Book Advisory, and the NH Poetry Out Loud Advisory. I also founded the Great Northeast Improv Festival.


I have a wonderful family that inspires me to do my best and work to make our community a nice place to live, work, and create.



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